About Us


So...What is a Chimney Cake?

A chimney cake (or in Hungarian "Kürtős Kalács")  is a traditional pastry from Hungary. It is wrapped around a cylindrical wooden spool and slowly turned over a gas grill. The dough is brushed with oil and coated with sugar. Once baked, it creates a crunchy outside with a soft and fluffy dough in the inside. After this, there are a variety of toppings that can be placed on top of the sugary glaze!

Hungarian Delicacies

Our current menu only includes Chimney Cakes but we are going to be adding Langos (Hungarian Fried Bread) and Goulash soon! Stay Tuned! 

A Tradition of Taste

Turul Foods was founded for our passion for sweets and the love of our Hungarian heritage. We are proud to serve the Pacific Northwest!

Our Chimney Cake

We use seven simple ingredients to make our delicious dough that is Lactose-Free and Vegan Friendly.

In our Menu we include Sweet and Savory toppings with vegan options. Just ask our staff!